Meet Cambridge is a fantastic service which makes the detailed task of organizing an event in this unique city so much easier. I have used them for over a decade for both business and personal events and they remain my first port of call when I have an event to organize in Cambridge.

Lynn Fortin, Cambridge Mathematics

I have used this service on several occasions now and wouldn't look anywhere else when organizing a function. The hard work is already done for me as the venues contact me directly and make booking a suitable venue extremely easy.

Louise Barton, Thermoteknix Systems Limited

Excellent and Fast service, thank you!

Sally Garland, Connex Hotels and Events

Being able to send one request for information is really helpful and the number of different types of venues (Colleges and non-university places) you work with is great.

India James, Team Consulting

What a fantastic service, thanks. I wasn't looking forward to contacting lots of venues to find one that could look after our Christmas Party, but you took all of the pain out of it. Excellent.

John Palombo, Metaswitch Networks

This was my first experience of using Conference Cambridge and I was very impressed. I will certainly consider using again in the future.

Gail Neary, University of Cambridge

We had exceptional venues come back to us giving us a variety of choices, the service was great and more cities should offer a service like yours as it made finding the venue much easier. I was very impressed with the service and the ease when booking a venue through your service.

Sioned Roberts, University of South Wales

Can I just say that Conference Cambridge provided an excellent service. One enquiry led to a number of suitable venues either making offers to host the event or contacting me to find out more information before making an offer. I had to create a shortlist listing a few suitable venues to allow for comparisons and selected the venue that I thought best met my needs. Thank you

Bob Kamall, Department for Communities & Local Government

Excellent service - saved me hours of trawling through directories and making phone calls. Give yourselves a pat on the back...

Susan Mckie, Addenbrookes Hospital

CC service was excellent. The responses from all the CC venues were timely, clear and helpful. I would definitely use CC again. Thank you!

Kerry Walpole

Thank you very much for your thorough and professional assistance, So much easier to go through one service for so many venues. Very much appreciated in our venue search, especially on such a tight turnaround.

Helen Harding-Male, CATS College and CSVPA

This is a really great service - I will definitely use it again!

Hazel Davies, Judge Business School

We LOVE Conference Cambridge over in the Events Team at CUDAR – you make our jobs so much easier and we do appreciate your service.

Jayne Vaughan-Lane, CUDAR

This whole process has been extremely professional and friendly and I wouldn't hesitate in using this service again. I believe the lady's name I chatted to online first was Anita and she was very helpful indeed. Thank you!!

Debby Wooding, Encore Estate Management Ltd

Thanks for all your help. This was the first time I have used your service and although it was only a small request, I was absolutely delighted with the outcome. Not only did I receive fast responses and plenty of options, some of the providers were able to offer very competitive rates compared to the corporate 'business centre' rates I had initially been looking at. It would have taken me so long to find out all of that on my own - and if I need to book a room for a similar event in the future, I will come back to you. Thank you.

Jill Elston, Insightful Marketing

Once again I received a number of responses promptly from Colleges with availability, which enabled us to select an appropriate venue for our dinner from the selection offered.

Rachel Wall, TWI

I would like to thank you for your really exceptional service. What you do is terrifically helpful; the responses I received from Colleges and hotels were marvellous. There is no doubt that, should I consider an event in Cambridge in the future, I will come straight to you first.

Julia Stout, 90th Birthday Party

Excellent service - super impressed!

Paul Bello, Judge Business School

We really love your excellent service and would be happy to use it again in the future!

Patrick van Hees, Summerhill

I had a very easy & pleasant experience with Conference Cambridge!

Ben McCorkle, US Air Force

This is a fantastic service!!! This is my first time organising an event and Conference Cambridge have helped enormously, they came up with venues I hadn’t even thought of! I will definitely use Conference Cambridge again and am already recommending them to people! Thanks again

Amy Edge, Welcome Home Party

I just wanted to say thank you for the referees about our event. I think you offer a really great service. Its saved me loads of work!

Claire Wright, J A Kemp

Fantastic service, got a response from over 15 Colleges in a span of 24 hours after just one email to you! This gave us the widest selection of dates and venues, and in the end we got the perfect date (weekend Sat night in full term!) during the busiest period of the year! Great job :)

Nadia Gracias, Cambridge University Yacht Club

I was extremely impressed with the response rate received from Conference Cambridge venue providers and will certainly be using this again next time! Thank you.

Habbiba Peacey, Ofsted

Your website was NOTHING SHORT OF FANTASTIC. It saved us a great great deal of time and work, and I have nothing but high praise. I have no doubt we will use your website in the very near future again. THANK YOU!

Barak Ariel, Institute of Criminology

This is the third year running we have used Conference Cambridge, and we're very happy with the response and service. Thank you!

Jo Coombs, Argon Design

I just wanted to let you know that I had a really good response to my enquiry. I will definitely be using Conference Cambridge again in the future, as it was refreshing to get such an amazing response.

Nikki Morton, PLOS

What an excellent service, I made a tentative enquiry to start with, but the professionalism of the service, the quality of the responses and the overall service in general has made me feel confident that the event we have been planning will be successful and that everybody attending will have a great time.

Richard Davies, UIS

Thank you very much for the inquiry. I have indeed selected a venue. I would like to say that I routinely schedule meeting all over the world and this has been the most efficient process that I have encountered. Keep up the good work.

Mathew Abrams, INCF

My experience so far has been very positive indeed! Very friendly and efficient, both on the part of Conference Cambridge (Laura at CC was excellent) and from the two venues which have contacted me.

Annemarie Young

Thank you very much, this is a brilliant service, I've just got a great venue for a great price.

Alejandra Arteta, The Change Leadership Foundations

This is the first time that I have used Conference Cambridge as I usually make enquiries and bookings myself. I was delighted with the quick responses I received and the variety of venues. An excellent service which I will definitely be using in future. Many thanks.

Carolyn Bartley, Univ of Camb, Dept of Geography

Fab assistance! Saved me from having a nightmare situation on my hands, would definitely use your services again!

Amy Fawkes, Anglia Ruskin University

Very impressed by Conference Cambridge, it saved us from having to contact each venue separately and we'd definitely use it again. The two most suitable venues responded within a day, which was impressive!

Douglas Whittle

I just want to say thank you for the amazing service offered by Conference Cambridge and for the patience, knowledge and professionalism with which all of my enquiries were dealt with. This was my first time booking/organising a conference and what I thought would be a stressful experience was a breeze! All my questions were answered quickly and I felt confident that I was always being treated as a valuable customer. Should I be required to book any future conferences in Cambridge I will always come to Conference Cambridge first.

Carolyn Cronin, GEM

Excellent service - impressed with all the responses and so much easier than having to approach venues yourself. Will definitely use again.

Hannah Salmon, AstraZeneca

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