Event Planners' Toolkit

Our events toolkit is a carefully curated selection of tools and resources, designed to streamline your event planning process, boost creativity, and ensure that your event is a resounding success. From bijou meetings to large-scale conferences, we've got you covered.

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Event Organisation Services

Meet Cambridge works with Opening Doors & Venues Ltd. to offer a range of event management services including options for hybrid and virtual events.

Event Insurance

When planning your event in Cambridge, whether it's a conference, product launch or dinner it's important to ensure that appropriate event insurance is in place.

Travel Advice & Parking

Information and links to useful websites to help you give your delegates the most up-to-date travel information for Cambridge and the surrounding areas.

The Cambridge Ambassador Programme

Become a conference ambassador for Cambridge and working together we can develop your ideas, help you collate and submit a winning pitch to ultimately host a successful event here in Cambridge.

Other Ways We Can Help