Sustainability Statement

Our Mission

Meet Cambridge is a single point of contact for regional, national and international event organisers, providing bureau services that deliver exceptional experiences within the University of Cambridge, the Cambridge Colleges and wonderful venues in the city and beyond.

Our Values

We’re caring, smart and proud. We’re problem-solvers, impartial and a community.

Our Vision

  • To deliver sustainable growth in the event sector in Cambridge and the surrounding areas
  • To promote Cambridge as a sustainable destination for events
  • To encourage and incentivise green venues and sustainable events

Our Aims

Economic success: Wise use of financial resources

  • Meet Cambridge is not for profit, nevertheless, positioned to survive and grow
  • We strive to deliver a return on investment to our membership
  • Through our efforts, we deliver an economic benefit to Cambridge and the region

Social responsibility: Respect for people

  • Respect for employees
  • Diversity, fair recruiting practices
  • Responsible governance
  • Respect for stakeholders
  • Fair dealing with clients
  • Respect for other connected communities
  • Provide leadership and inspiration on sustainability issues to our community

Environmental responsibility: Respect for life-wise management and use of natural resources

  • Minimise consumption (electricity, paper, water)
  • Recycle and manage waste
  • Reduction of supply chain impacts
  • Promote sustainable travel