Cambridge is situated in one of the most fertile areas of the UK. The Eastern region is home to a world-leading cluster of farmers, scientists, innovators, technologists and entrepreneurs working at the forefront of cropscience to find solutions to the world's major challenges of food security and climate change.

A Global Agri-tech Innovation Hub

Agri-tech East is a business-focused cluster organisation based in Cambridge. The initiative has created a global innovation hub in agri-tech and acts as a catalyst for the region's agri-tech cluster, showcasing relevant new research, technology and innovation to farmers, producers and processors.

Leadership in Agricultural Science and Technology

Exceptional research facilities in Cambridge and Norwich are surrounding by world-class, fertile ground; food and farming sectors. Cambridge is home to The National Institute of Agricultural Botany (NIAB) a major international centre for plant research, crop evaluation and agronomy. Innovation Farm , also based in Cambridge, is NIAB's pioneering knowledge transfer initiative supporting the translation of scientific discoveries into practical applications.

Home to Leading Organisations

As well as NIAB, Cambridge is also the base for world-renowned agricultural and plant science organisations such as, The Sainsbury's Laboratory, Cambridge , an institute concerned with the study of plant development; BayerCropscience, the world's largest lifesciences company and regionally, organisations such as the John Innes Centre and The Earlham Institute contribute to the success of this dynamic sector.

Key Sectors


Cambridge lies in one of the most fertile regions in the UK and regionally, the area…


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