Hybrid Event Enables International Participation

Client: Cambridge Nanomaterials Technology Ltd 

Type of event: Three-Day Hybrid Event 

Venue: Clayton Hotel Cambridge

Cambridge Nanomaterials Technology Ltd (CNT Ltd) is an innovation management and nanotechnology consulting company based in Cambridge. It helps businesses, universities and government institutions in the UK and across Europe to develop nanomaterials-related technology, products, R&D strategy and partnership, IP and market strategies, as well as training and applications for funding.

Hybrid format

In February 2024, it organised a Stakeholders’ Engagement Workshop with the title of AM4BAT Open Day. This hybrid event gave an opportunity to bring together battery technology developers from industry and academia, manufacturers, and end-users who are leading the development of novel battery concepts.

The event, attended by 21 in-person and 32 online participants, was held at the Clayton Hotel in central Cambridge.

Mónica Spreadbury, Senior Administrative Assistant at CNT Ltd who organised the event says: “We had visited the venue previously and were impressed with the room, built-in AV equipment on offer and its location close to the railway station. We also liked the area for refreshments, called the Library, which provided a good environment for networking.

Excellent venue

“We booked the hotel for two events, one held the week before and this one, and for both we were extremely pleased with the service, staff and the venue overall, including the AV support provided. As most of our meetings nowadays are hybrid, having good AV equipment and support on-site is essential for things to work smoothly.

“Choosing a hybrid event opened the opportunity to participants who, for different reasons, were unable to attend in-person, including those located in countries as far away as South Korea, Australia, Brazil and Colombia. It also gave flexibility to some speakers who were unable to be there, or had to cancel their in-person participation at the last moment.

Full participation

“The programme included a couple of presenters online but the majority were in- person and discussions after the presentations were open to all participants which meant they were able to contribute fully. Online participants were free to switch on their microphone and camera and ask a question, or leave messages in the chat.  Feedback showed those joining remotely were pleased to have been able to take part in the meeting.

“For venue-finding we have been using Meet Cambridge for many years now which makes it very easy and extremely efficient to search for venues. We have always been delighted by the service delivered which has helped to find the right venues for our events.”