Client Reviews

They are speedy, efficient and very helpful!

Molly Robertson, Five AI


A great time saver

Charlotte Brown, Camena Bioscience


Excellent one stop shop venue find service for Cambridge

Angela Gentile, Downing College


Meet Cambridge can look for many venues for you all at once. Thanks Meet Cambridge, I got a very good venue reply. And the follow up emails are effective. 

Anna Man, Cambridge Alliance Church


It's*  a stress free way of getting lots of venues into one page which also saves time. (*The My Event portal)

Thomas Gray


Whilst I did not end up using the service, my enquiry was dealt with promptly and clarification was sought by Meet Cambridge to better advertise my request. Great service which I will be using again.

Jack Earl, Gates Cambridge


This saves me loads of time and hassle!  (Last Minute Meeting Service:

TTP Group


Invaluable way of finding a venue

Oxford University Society in Cambridgeshire


Handy, easy to use site/service with plenty of relevant information. Takes all the hassle out of trying to find a venue.

Sarah-Louise Douglas, Ensocell


An excellent one stop service ideal for those like us from outside the area.

Private enquiry


Very easy to use and covers both universities; staff very pleasant and mannerly  

Jimmy Forrester, Nuclera


Really helpful way to generate quotes without having to contact venues individually

CU School of Physical Sciences


Fantastic service - a great way to find the best venue for an event.

Judge Business School


Great service! (Last minute meetings)

Tom Perry, The Sherpa Group


As somebody who frequently has to arrange events, it takes the pain out of venue finding!

Felicity Eves-Rey, CU Faculty of Law


A very helpful, prompt, friendly and reliable service that saved me hours of calling round venues regarding availability. 

Hayley Osborne, CU PPD Training


Very helpful in finding a prospective venue for your event

Cancer Research UK, Cambridge Institute


Meet Cambridge are fantastic.  They are well versed in all things event, conference, and accommodation.  Your one-stop shop for everything you need.

Karen Scrivener, CU Dept of Chemical Engineering and Biotech


Very effective way to find out which venues are available when organising events!!

Hilde Hambro, CU Dept of Engineering


Efficient way to find a venue in Cambridge.

Cambridge University Health Partners – CUHP


Very easy to use, prompt replies and very helpful customer service.

CU Dept of Engineering


Great way to find out about venue possibilities, very easy and transparent

Claire Barlow, CU Philosophical Society


This is a valuable service that fills a gap where one's own College cannot fulfil your needs

Mark Kingston


Extremely useful when finding venues for large events, saves time as you don't need to contact individual colleges

CU Dept of Engineering


Very helpful - enabled me to consider options that I hadn't previously thought of.

Emily Hender, 4t Medical


They were really easy to work with and understood our needs

Linda Spinks, CU Information Services


Useful tool, it cuts down on a lot of traffic,  There's no need to reach out to individual venues.

Joseph Woolfolk, The Sanger Institute


It's an excellent one stop shop that saves time and frustration of contacting individual venues

Nikki Cross, PetMedix


Great website to use to quickly and efficiently find venues to organize events.

Nithya Kadiyala, Addenbrookes Doctors Mess


First stop on a booking in Cambridge - such a time saver!

Claire Armstrong, Dept of Earth Sciences


Takes the hassle out of finding a venue

CMR Surgical


A must have for booking venues in Cambridge

Jane Snook, Play Included CIC


It saves a lot of time!

The Paget's Association


A really useful system for quick responses all stored in once place!

CU, Dept of Computer Science and Technology


Super efficient way to contact local venue providers and get very quick response to all queries, staff are helpful and go the extra mile.

Marion Quinn, Cancer Research UK, Cambridge Institute


Saves me loads of time and hassle!

TTP Labtech


Meet Cambridge are truly the only companion you need for all your conference needs.

CU Dept of Chemical Engineering and Biotech


A complete service from the people who know Cambridge.

Frankie McGhee, The Worshipful Company of Spectacle Makers


Connect if you need anything in Cambridge.

Ayesha Broadbent, Greenbed


Excellent service.

CU PGMC Addenbrookes


The person I spoke to was delightful and gave me confidence that we would find something.

Morag Cameron


Meet Cambridge will find the perfect venue for your event and saves you a considerable amount of individual outreach time.

Nicky Blake, Amgen Limited


Easy to use and swift replies. Much better than going individually to venues and waiting for replies before you can move on to the next one.

Cara Hanman, CU Department of Earth Sciences


Quick, easy and comprehensive.

David Cameron, De Sangosse Ltd


A brilliant service that contacts all academic venues on your behalf, saving you hours on the telephone/email.

Cheryl Torbett, CU Institute of Criminology


A great service which saves you time and it is free.

Linda Hemsley, Domino UK Ltd


It’s the place to go if you need a venue for an event.



It is a very professional and efficient way to search for venues in Cambridge.

Mónica Spreadbury, Cambridge Nanomaterials Technology Ltd


I wouldn't hesitate to recommend your service. Communications were prompt, clearly delivered and I was able to source a selections of conference rooms to meet my brief within 24 hrs. Thank you!

Learn International


One stop shop for event enquiries in Cambridge, saving time through a great service.

IMI Europe Ltd


Very helpful and good feedback. Very prompt response.

Jackie Shawe, Bird & Bird LLP


Approachable and attentive.

Linda Spinks, CU University Information Services


It's a really useful service - even if it wasn't able to help me!

CU Holiday Play Scheme


Very easy and reliable platform to organise an event.

Genetics Society


This is a brilliant Service. Easy, quick and effective! Highly recommended.

Anna Salaman


Makes looking at venue options very easy.

CU Cambridge Conservation Initiative


Very prompt response; requests sent to numerous venue providers which save me huge amount of time reaching out one by one. The My Enquiry platform is easy to use and is great to track multiple enquires and their relevant responses in a neat and organized way.

Albee Ye, Elite Journey


Quick and prompt service which yielded some good options for us.

CU Judge Business School


Definitely use them for help with your event.

London Schools Symphony


The most efficient and easiest way to find a venue.



Very convenient service for someone visiting Cambridge for the first time.



I would advise colleagues to use Meet Cambridge first before approaching the venues solely.

CU School of Clinical Medicine


Go to service if one needs a private dinner or meeting room.

CU Department of Engineering


It takes the legwork out of finding a venue.

Saffron Walden Choral Society


A fabulous team who listen to your needs and try their utmost to deliver the event you want.

Karen Scrivener, CU Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotech


Very helpful and informative, even though a venue wasn't available on my dates, I will certainly use again as saved me a lot of time.

Beverley Larner, CU Cambridge Philosophical Society


If you are looking for a brilliant venue at an affordable price and want to get this done quickly and efficiently use Meet Cambridge. I can't emphasize how much time was saved by using this fabulous service!

Greg Bull, Dispensing Doctor Experts Ltd


Very useful way to see quickly what venues are available and contact them all at once.

Irena Rao, CU Early Cancer Institute


Whenever you need something special, go to Meet Cambridge.

Erica Rijnsburger


Very useful tool, saves you ringing around the Colleges.

 Cambridge Forum for the Construction Industry


I've already recommended Meet to colleagues in the dept who have already used the service to book events. It's quick, efficient and friendly. Would use it again.

 CU Department of Land Economy


It's a really useful tool, saves time, is very clear and easy to use.

 Benita Prud'homme, Lucida Medical Ltd


Saves me loads of time and hassle!

 Angela Longdin, TTP Labtech


Wow what a service. When you've been asked to organise a meeting event and you go around trying to locate venues, email them, chase them etc, Meet Cambridge take all that away from you. They're so quick and efficient and have been amazing from start to finish!

 Holly Thake, Astrazeneca


A very simple, effective way to discover venues in Cambridge for your event.

 Department of Earth Sciences, University of Cambridge


It's a very useful service that can save Event Managers a great deal of time.

 Cambridge Wireless


Cannot recommend them enough! Friendly, helpful and they always deliver!

 Lisa Durno, ISSOS


Excellent service and great source of venue finding in Cambridge.

 Kelly Walsh, NIHR BioResource


Extremely simple process, friendly, efficient communications and makes booking meetings in Cambridge much easier!

 SCALA Consulting


It's a free and time-effective way of finding a Cambridge venue without all the ringing or emailing around separate venues.

 Lucy Thomson, Saffron Walden Choral Society


Meet Cambridge take the leg work out of spending hours waiting for venues to return calls or respond to emails.

 Jayne Neal, D&A Recruitment


Meet Cambridge is an extremely useful tool when you need to find a venue in Cambridge. They provide a helpful, thorough and prompt service.

 Victoria Woodward, Cambridge Innovation Capital (CIC)


'Meet Cambridge' is an excellent 'one-stop' site that allows you to enquire about meeting venues at the Colleges in Cambridge; contacting them individually would otherwise take much longer. The team at 'Meet Cambridge' understood what we were looking for and was great at communicating with us.

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