New Auditorium Provides Perfect Space For Training Conference

Client: The Cambridge Centre for Evidence-Based Policing

Type of event: Residential course

Date: January 2022

Venue: Selwyn College, University of Cambridge

Quarry Whitehouse Auditorium at Selwyn College, CambridgeNew Auditorium Provides Perfect Space For Training ConferenceDining Hall at Selwyn CollegeExterior to the Quarry Whitehouse Auditorium at Selwyn College, Cambridge

The Cambridge Centre of Evidence-Based Policing is a research and training consultancy delivering professional courses to police forces worldwide, including bespoke modules to address specific needs.

Courses are online or in-person at a Cambridge venue, the most recent being a week-long residential conference for 45 delegates at Selwyn College.

This course was focused on crime analysis, with the objective of reducing the risks of serious violence for those working in police forces and other agencies linked to crime reduction.


In-person events

Louise Bland is the Chief Administrator at the Cambridge Centre for Evidence-Based Policing and organiser of the courses. She says: “Following our successful two-day event at Selwyn College last Autumn, we decided to run our latest course in person too.

“The subject matter is very in-depth and technical at times and we felt that it is best-delivered face-to-face. We have had a waiting list since the pandemic started and many organisations are specifically wanting the in-person events despite us creating an online version.

“The new Quarry Whitehouse auditorium at Selwyn College was an ideal venue for us. The ventilation system, size of the room, separate entrance and numerous sanitizing stations meant we could offer reassurance to our delegates that the course was as safe as possible. The space really does have everything you need.


Recording content

“We were also able to record parts of the conference so we can use this content to create promotional material and offer delegates the opportunity to review parts of the course too.


Invaluable support

“The technical support available from Sandor, and in general from the whole team at Selwyn, was incredibly important. As the sole organiser of our company events, to know I have help available at all times gives me a huge amount of reassurance.


The Cambridge experience

“The formal dinner also went down incredibly well. Many delegates had never been to a Cambridge College before so enjoyed the ambience of the dining hall and other elements such as Grace before dinner and the big gong…some likened it to Harry Potter!

“The whole process of booking an event is so easy and the Conference & Events Manager, Kelly, is great at accommodating us, even if we occasionally have to make last-minute changes.

“The delegate feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Some overseas visitors wanted to keep as safe as possible and the venue helped them to do that by sitting separately and having the option to take their breakfasts and lunches outside or to their rooms. Those who chose to use the facilities such as the cafeteria and bar really enjoyed the experience of a ‘normal’ training event. I'm delighted to say that we are planning more conferences at Selwyn College for later this year, full details are available via our website."

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