CSR & Volunteering Activities

As well as mitigating the negative environmental impact, we must also think about the positive impacts that events can have too.  With planning you could build activities into your conference that can really make a difference. Offering a volunteering activity, for example, can help you get closer to your sustainability goals and if that activity directly benefits a community, you can create a real positive impact.

We have a wealth of ideas for how you can add value to your event by creating opportunities for positive impacts, here are a few ideas:

Volunteering Activities in Cambridge


Streets & Open Space Volunteers

Could you work with Cambridge’s Community Engagement team to help us improve the quality the local area? Could you help us share our message that a cleaner, greener Cambridge starts here?

Teams of volunteers are already making a vast improvement in helping to keep the city cleaner, greener and safer. Whether you’re a local resident, business, community group or school, the Cambridge Street Scene team are keen to work with you, too.

Find out more and register a group for an activity.


CSR Opportunities

Organise a Collection for the Cambridge Food Bank

Help local people in crisis by organising a collection for the city’s foodbank and ask delegates to bring a food item with them – it’s such an easy thing to do and your actions will have a real impact.

Find out more and check the list of items most in need.


Trees for Streets

Cambridge City Council has partnered with Trees for Streets; businesses and organisations are encouraged to help green up the city’s streets by either sponsoring a single tree in a street or in a park and they’d be delighted to chat with you if you have ideas for something bigger!

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Offer funded or discounted conference places to local charities and students.

Cambridge is home to some fantastic charities so why not extend an invitation to your event to a local charity worker or a student, giving them access to the content and networking opportunities could really make a difference to them and the organisations that they serve.

Find information on registered charities in Cambridge.


Turtle Dove Cambridge

Turtle Dove Cambridge was created to fill a gap in youth support work.

With one very specific aim, Kate Nation founded Turtle Dove to improve the future of young women who are or are at risk of becoming unemployed through not having the confidence or experience to seek employment. By providing them with opportunities in hospitality, working as part of a team and with a defined structure, these young women can gain invaluable life experience. Turtle Dove Cambridge offers a range of event services, from manning the event to catering and beyond.

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