ON Helix

Client: One Nucleus

Type of event: One-day conference

Group size: 300 delegates

Venue: Wellcome Genome Campus

Date: 28th June 2016

Hinxton Hall AuditoriumThe Exhibition Area at Hinxton Hall Conference CentreRear view of the Hinxton Hall Conference CentreHinxton Hall Conference Centre Breakout Area


One Nucleus is an international membership organisation in Europe for life science and healthcare companies. It is based in Cambridge with the majority of its 470 members located across the Cambridge/London corridor, at the heart of Europe’s largest life science and healthcare cluster.

ON Helix is the organisation’s translational research conference for the life science sector. It is a one-day event aimed at informing delegates on how to turn early stage inventions and ideas into innovative health treatments, whether it is new medicines, novel biomarkers, useful medical devices or improved medical practices.

One Nucleus and its Advisory Board selected the Wellcome Genome Campus as the most appropriate place to hold the conference, as a large proportion of members are based in Cambridge and the city is a hub for translational medicine. It was also felt important to establish Cambridge as a regular location for the conference.



As a key part of this conference is about meeting the other delegates and providing lots of time for networking, a large breakout area was needed together with catering for the day, including lunch, coffees and teas throughout and a drinks reception at the end. A fully equipped auditorium was required for the talks and panel discussions as well as overnight accommodation for the organising team, speakers and delegates.

Finding an appropriate venue that can accommodate 300 delegates, together with a space for 30 exhibitors, room for networking and an auditorium is challenging but the Wellcome Genome Campus delivered on all these counts. The hall and lawn were also used for the drinks reception.



One Nucleus said: “The visual impact of the venue was fantastic and we had complete faith in the team to support and help us deliver the event - all were faultless.



“One Nucleus and the Wellcome Genome Campus have a formal Partner agreement in place which means that we promote the Campus internationally and the Campus supports our endeavours.

“Undoubtedly Cambridge is considered a very attractive destination for a visitor from another part of the UK – especially in the life science and healthcare sector where delegates can take the opportunity to meet with people/companies they want to engage with in the Cambridge area outside of as well as at the conference.

“Feedback from delegates for ON Helix in 2016 was glowing in relation to the venue, its aesthetics and being a backdrop for a highly regarded conference.“

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