Hosting an event is an exciting task but its success relies heavily on effective marketing. Whether you're organising a multi-day conference, one-day meeting or a team-building day, reaching your target audience and creating anticipation is paramount. Before you start, have a clear communications plan. It might take a bit of time to plot it all out but in the long run, it will pay dividends, helping you to save time and resources. Consider using project software such as Trello, Hive or Asana to help you plan and tick off actions. Here are a few more tips to consider when planning your marketing communications for your event.


E-mail Marketing and GDPR

Email marketing has the power to directly communicate with your target audience but you need to determine your audience first.  Remember first and foremost, UK GDPR regulations. Ensure that everyone you reach out to has provided explicit permission for you to contact them. With that in mind, build a list of interested individuals and regularly update them with event details, exclusive offers, and countdown reminders.

Tip: Personalise your emails to make future attendees feel valued and engaged.


Go Social

Which social media networks does your community use? Whilst Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are commonly leveraged for event promotion, your potential audience might also be found on other networks such as   Snapchat, WhatsApp, YouTube, Discord, TikTok etc. In addition to sharing content on your own channels, consider utilising paid advertising.

Tip: Social media regulations and algorithms are subject to change, so stay updated with the latest guidelines to ensure compliance.


Ignite Interest

  • Leverage Content Marketing:
    Create valuable and relevant content to engage your target audience and establish your event as an authority for your industry. Develop blog and vlog posts, articles, infographics, and podcasts that offer insights, tips, and trends related to your event topic. Share this content across your marketing channels and social media networks to attract and educate potential attendees whilst building anticipation for the event.

  • Amplify:
    Harness the power of word-of-mouth marketing and use social media to create a buzz for your event. Encourage speakers, attendees and sponsors to share their attendance with their connections and consider offering a reward to those who do. For example:

    • Discounted registration fees
    • Exclusive access to white papers
    • Money off vouchers for local restaurants, coffee shops and activities. Looking for sustainable options? Take a look at our blog, Innovative Alternatives to Goody Bags, for some ideas that could also work as incentives

A well-executed referral program can expand your event's reach and drive registrations.

Tip: Create collateral for each segment of your target audience: attendees, sponsors, speakers, and exhibitors to share with their networks; have personalised referral links or codes to track referrals so you can reward participants accordingly.

Think ahead…when individuals register for your event, give them the opportunity to opt into further communication from you, this way you can build up a contact list to help you promote the event in future.



Working with other organisations is a great way to add gravitas to your event as well as attract new attendees. In addition to approaching sponsors, are there other events happening close to your event that might appeal to your audience and vice versa? Is there an opportunity to join forces?  Collaboration can significantly broaden the reach of your event and target potential attendees. Establish mutually beneficial partnerships to enable you to promote your event to their audience and vice-versa.  

Tip: Read our guide on Creating Successful Sponsorship


Keep it Simple

Make the registration process seamless and user-friendly. Ensure that your event website or page is as inclusive as it can be and prominently features an easy-to-use registration form that can be accessed on both mobile and desktop devices. Keep the form short so that attendees can sign up quickly; you can always contact them for further information afterwards provided they opt-in.


Testimonials and Legacy

If your event has been held previously, share testimonials and feedback from delegates about what they gained from the event. What were the outcomes of past events, do you have any legacy stories that you can share? Video snippets from the event work a treat as a real live taster! If it’s a new event, make sure you have a plan to gather this information for future use.


Create Media Alliances

Not an obvious one but having a media partner for your event can really help with promotion. Do be aware, however, that it may mean that you will not be able to engage with other publications. If you don’t want or need exclusivity, make sure you keep journalists informed about the event, host a reception to promote the event to the press or circulate a press release.

Tip: Consider using a PR professional to take on the job. It may incur an extra cost, but it doesn't have to be expensive, and it will save you lots of time and resources!


Evaluate Event Marketing

Track the performance of your marketing efforts by using key performance indicators (KPIs) such as website traffic, social media engagement, email open rates and tickets sold. Analytics tools will also give you insights into behaviour, demographics and preferences. Monitor which of your marketing channels are proving most effective and look at potentially allocating resources accordingly to optimise your strategy.

Effective event marketing requires a strategic approach, creativity and adaptability. By creating a comprehensive communications plan and implementing these tips, you can elevate your event marketing. Remember, it’s not just about selling tickets; it's about creating an engaging experience and making meaningful and lasting connections with your audience.


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