Jul 31, 2017

Seven Ideas for Alternatives to Goody Bags

We’ve all been there before at an event, stuffing goody bags ready to hand over to delegates. But what happens at the end of an event? Have you ever seen delegates offload all the things that they don’t want to carry around?

Thanks for all your help. This was the first time I have used your service and although it was only a small request, I was absolutely delighted with the outcome. Not only did I receive fast responses and plenty of options, some of the providers were able to offer very competitive rates compared to the corporate 'business centre' rates I had initially been looking at. It would have taken me so long to find out all of that on my own - and if I need to book a room for a similar event in the future, I will come back to you. Thank you.

Jill Elston, Insightful Marketing

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