Organising any event can be a challenge but by becoming a conference ambassador and championing the destination to your professional peers, there are a multitude of rewards for you beyond the satisfaction of hosting the event itself.


You can:

  • Elevate your professional reputation within your field.
  • Garner recognition for your research, department, or company on an international scale.
  • Position you and your organization as thought leaders.
  • Create opportunities for collaboration between your organisation and other locally-based organisations, be they academic or corporate.
  • Boost the local economy.
  • Potentially attract talented postgraduates or staff.
  • Potentially open doors to new funding opportunities.
  • Leave an amazing legacy, economic and social.


Many of the UK's main cities have a Conference Ambassador Programme offering a range of free resources and support to help you bid for and host events in their city.

If you have a professional network and are a member of an industry association or society, there's a likelihood that from time to time your organisation will put out a call for new destinations for conferences and events.   If you would like to champion your destination, we strongly suggest reaching out to your local Conference and Events Bureau to see if they have a Conference Ambassador Programme that can help.


The Cambridge Conference Ambassador Programme offers: 

  • Practical, complimentary assistance to showcase the advantages of your city as a destination, including presentation materials such as images and videos.
  • Guidance in preparing a formal proposal to the organising committee, covering venues, accommodation, travel arrangements, social program ideas, and letters of support from civic officials and local agencies.
  • Fully guided site visits and hospitality for your key decision-makers, providing expert support for any questions that may arise.
  • Some conference ambassador programs offer integrated event management services to handle everything from securing sponsorship and event logistics to managing the submission of papers and publications; others will be able to make recommendations and help with sourcing the right professional conference organiser (PCO).
  • Opportunities to network with other ambassadors at exclusive events throughout the year, enabling you to benefit from their experiences and insights.


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