Since 2010 tourism has been the fastest growing sector in the UK in employment terms. The visitor economy is a key economic driver for Cambridge with 5.3 million visitors a year contributing around £583 million to the Cambridge economy and accounting for around 17 % of local employment (source: Cambridge Economic Impact of Tourism Report 2013). This represents a 48% growth on the 2010 figures. The broader Cambridgeshire economy receives over 24 million visitors a year bringing £2 billion to the Cambridgeshire economy and accounting for 10% of local employment. (Cambridgeshire Economic Impact of Tourism Report 2013). Around 40% of tourism businesses are based in South Cambridgeshire.

Attracting Leisure and Business Tourists

Cambridge has the edge when it comes to beauty, history and culture. This elegant yet compact city boasts spectacular architecture in the shape of Colleges, chapels, churches and courtyards combined with green parks, wide open spaces and the River Cam, which winds through its heart.
It is also a city for all seasons and a special city, a place where visitors can feel at home. Getting out and about is easy – be it by bicycle or on foot – and there is a range of accommodation to suit all budgets from stylish hotels to countryside bed and breakfasts.

Further afield you will discover some of the region’s leading attractions and stately homes along with picture perfect towns and villages, nestled in rolling green countryside.
Cambridge and the surrounding area has something for everyone, a family-friendly destination with places to go and things to see all year round.

Delivering Tourism Services

Visit Cambridge and Beyond (VCB) is the official organisation responsible for delivering tourism services in Cambridge and the surrounding area. It is an innovative business-led public/private sector partnership with the aim of increasing investment and support to the tourism industry. VCB works with its partners to showcase the best that Cambridge and its outlying areas have to offer, to highlight the region’s diversity, creativity and range of visitor experiences.
One of VCB’s key strategic priorities is to increase the value that the city and the surrounding area derives from tourism, encouraging visitors to extend their stay and travel beyond Cambridge itself.