If you're thinking about getting married, renewing your vows, or seeking a beautiful setting to celebrate your partnership, our enchanting city of Cambridge might just be the backdrop you've been dreaming of for your special day. With historic charm, picturesque landscapes, and a blend of modern and classic venues, Cambridge offers an array of options to make your day truly magical.

  1. The Cambridge College Charisma
    Imagine exchanging your vows in the stunning courtyards of a centuries-old college, surrounded by the whispers of history or a modern contemporary college enveloped by a vibrant and exciting atmosphere. Cambridge is renowned for its iconic colleges, each offering unique spaces that blend grandeur with romance. Whether it's an oak panelled room or a manicured garden, these venues add an air of sophistication to your celebration.

  2. Riverside Romance
    The tranquil River Cam winding through the heart of Cambridge provides an intimate setting for a waterside celebration. Picture saying, "I do" and enjoying a reception riverside. The shimmering waters and scenic bridges will undoubtedly add a touch of magic to your special day.

  3. Garden Glamour
    Our venues boast a plethora of lush gardens that serve as a verdant backdrop for your nuptials. Exchanging vows with the fragrance of blooming flowers in the air, the gardens offer a seamless blend of nature and elegance, perfect for couples seeking a serene and beautiful atmosphere.

  4. Historic Haunts
    If you're drawn to the allure of history, our historic venues will capture your heart. From centuries-old Colleges to charming uplifting locales, these venues exude timeless elegance providing an unforgettable setting for a fairytale wedding.

  5. Contemporary Chic
    For those who prefer a fashionable vibe, Cambridge also boasts modern venues that combine sleek design with urban flair. Unique venues and boutique hotels offer a sophisticated setting for couples looking to infuse their wedding with a trendy edge.

  6. Planning Made Easy
    While the selection of venues in Cambridge is extensive, planning your wedding doesn't have to be overwhelming. Many of our venues offer wedding packages that include coordination services, helping you bring your vision to life seamlessly.

Not proposed yet or already married?  Cambridge is a fabulously romantic city!  Book an overnight stay or celebrate with friends and family at any of our venues.



  • Can I get married at Cambridge University?
    A slightly confusing answer that is both yes and no.  First thing to note is that Cambridge University is not a single site or building.  It is a collective made up of schools, departments and Colleges that spread across the city.  However, regardless of your faith, race, or orientation, some Colleges do have civil licences and it is possible to have a civil ceremony in a Cambridge College.  Celebrant-led ceremonies can take place in any location, at any time and they can take any format or style you want with content that's special and meaningful to you; we strongly recommend discussing your requirements with your chosen venue.
  • Can I get married in a Cambridge College chapel like King’s College?
    If you studied at Cambridge University then potentially, yes. However, some Colleges do have certain criteria in place, such as getting married within a set number of years after graduating, so contact your College direct for more information. If you did not study at the University, it still possible to exchange vows in beautiful College room (or gardens) where a civil licence has been granted. Contemplate exchanging nuptials either in a stunning garden or a wonderfully romantic room.
  • Which Cambridge College is best for weddings?
    This really depends on what you are looking for.  Our venues offer everything from traditional and historic to modern and contemporary. Chat with us here to discuss your options.
  • How much does it cost?
    Whether you're in search of cost-effective choices or want to go all out, our venues offer options to suit every couple's wishes. To find out the average costs for a wedding breakfast, simply click here.
    If you have guests travelling into Cambridge and will be staying overnight, send them this link where they can arrange their own B&B in a Cambridge College (availability pending).
  • Are children allowed to attend a wedding in a College?
    Each of our venues has their own policies with regards to children attending a wedding.  Please do speak to your chosen venue directly for clarification.
  • Is Cambridge a romantic city?
    Yes! We absolutely believe it is! Picture you and your beloved walking hand in hand along cobbled streets taking in centuries of love and romance or, for those who lead an active life, enjoy a bike ride through our vibrant exciting city.


Finding the perfect venue to celebrate your marriage in Cambridge is the first step towards creating the magical day of your dreams. Let the enchanting backdrop of our fabulous city set the stage for your love story.


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