Ghosts, Ghouls and Ghastly Tales from Cambridge Venues this Halloween...

If you’re visiting Cambridge over the spooky season this Halloween, you may just want to cast a glance over your shoulder to check that you don’t have any extra guests, for aside from our wonderful facilities, our venues are also noted for their infamous ghosts. Just for fun we’ve taken a look at some reported sightings and some ghoulish happenings over the years…let us know if you meet any of these folk!

At Emmanuel College situated in the heart of the City’s shopping district, it’s said that several years ago stamping footsteps were heard, they were believed to have been those of several families who lost their lives to the plague and who had lived in the College over a period of years. 

The oldest of the Cambridge Colleges is Peterhouse, founded in 1284, the Combination Room here is said to be haunted by Dawes, a former Bursar who hanged himself in the 18th century over an election scandal.

It’s not surprising, given the age of many of our venues, that rumours and tales of spectral happenings have been passed down through the years, the very fabric of the Colleges in steeped in history and a great number of the buildings have stood through plague, fire, civil war and of course more recently through the World Wars.  In 1630, the plague had reached the City and many students fled for fear of infection; however, at Corpus Christi College the Master, Dr Butt, remained in post in an attempt to stop the spread of the disease.  On Easter Sunday 1632 he took his life and was found hanging in his garters from the strain of it all.  The Doctor has reportedly been spotted several times in College since, appearing as a vision in white with long hair and a gash around his neck.

Sidney Sussex College is famous as being the final resting place of Oliver Cromwell, or his head at least! But for those that venture to this part of the City keep a look out for an elderly figure, a University Don who, dressed in grey, moves from here towards Christ’s College.  Try to avoid nights of a full moon though, for in the gardens of Christ’s during a full moon, Mr Round has been spotted walking by the ancient Mulberry tree.  It is said that this elderly gentleman murdered the only doctor who could save his dying girlfriend; his ghost now walks the grounds in regret.

Venture just outside of the city to another of our venues, Madingley Hall and you may hear the sound of a ghostly party taking place frequented by a young man with a skeletal face.  Or maybe you’ll see Lady Ursula Hynde, who returns to the hall once a year in disgust at her son’s actions; he pulled down a church and used the wood to finish the Hall!

If you're in the city for an event over Halloween, why not book a Ghost Walking Tour with one of the city's qualified guides check out ghost tours from the Society of Cambridge Tour Guides  or try the Cambridge Ghost Tour with Cambridge Tour Guide to discover the ancient streets, hear ghostly tales and the sinister stories - if you dare!


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