The official, free venue-finding service for Cambridge and the surrounding area is celebrating its team being given a Silver Award – and a Certificate of Recognition –  for completing a wide range of tasks on its green agenda.

Meet Cambridge secured the sustainability accolade in Cambridge University’s annual Green Impact Awards against the background of a challenging year in which all members began working remotely from home, rather than in an office environment.

The change in location brought additional criteria to be met, including continuing to go paperless, timing showers at home, using natural cleaning products, focusing on wellbeing and encouraging engagement activities such as walking competitions.

All of these were benchmarked to achieve the Silver Award, with the auditors giving Meet Cambridge one of only eight Certificates of Recognition as a commendation of additional actions undertaken.

Leah Gibson, Deputy Manager at Meet Cambridge who led the initiative said: “This last year has been challenging for everyone and with the move to work from home, we needed to re-align our efforts in terms of prioritising sustainability. We devised a new set of criteria that we could all work towards individually and are delighted that our hard work has been recognised.”

The auditors added: “We have seen excellent initiatives from the team, especially considering that the staff have moved permanently to working from home. Considerable behaviour change has been achieved which is absolutely fantastic.

“In addition to the standard award, this year we would also like to present a Certificate of Recognition to mark the fact that the team has completed ten or more additional actions from the Working From Home tab. Congratulations!”