With just under a month to go to Meet Cambridge’s Exceptional Experiences two-day programme, Judith Sloane, Deputy Manager, explains why magical things happen when we meet.


Meeting in person is, and always will be, the most effective form of communicating and doing business – with gurus across the world agreeing that a smile and a handshake still beat a webcam or conference call.


With a great brief and clear desired outcomes, meetings and events can be the most effective tool in your communications kit and they don’t need to be expensive – with a little imagination, events can be used as brand platforms to achieve so many goals.


There are large meetings, where the collaboration of different organisations from a wide variety of sectors and cross-disciplinary networking brings about the pollination of ideas. And there are small, quiet, thought-sparking, deal-making, world-changing conversations. There are numerous examples of legendary Cambridge happenstance – serendipitous meetings, triggering brilliant ideas that have resulted in the development of life-transforming theories, services products and technological advances, we even have a phrase for it – The Cambridge Phenomenon.


A meeting, a lunch, pint or coffee shared with peers can change everything for one person, or indeed for the world, as many Cambridge ideas have.


In just under a month Meet Cambridge will be holding two special events to highlight the importance of meetings, exploring as an organiser, what it takes to create and deliver an exceptional experience for delegates.

The first event will start at 5.30pm on Tuesday 25 April, where we are inviting organisers to ‘Go Beyond’ at the Wellcome Genome Campus Conference Centre to discover the latest out of town venues that we’ve added to our impressive portfolio. On Wednesday 26 April planners are invited to discover the brand new West Court facility at Jesus College in Cambridge.

Effective communication, strong leadership and the importance of good teamwork are some of the themes in the keynote address, which will be given by world record-breaking, ocean rower, Natalia Cohen.

An interactive Q&A session will feature a panel comprising Emma Thornton (VisitCambridge & Beyond), Jonathan Brech (Cambridge Network/ Cambridge Ahead), Rose Padmore (ABPCO) and Ben Cole (Inspired), chaired by renowned meetings industry professional, Richard John.


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