As part of our exclusive behind the scenes interviews, Kelly Vickers, Director of Meet Cambridge, speaks to Suzy Howes about intelligent event management.

Regardless of how large your guest list is, putting together an event takes a great deal of organisation, common sense and attention to detail. Suzy Howes works in partnership with us at Meet Cambridge and her company, Suzy Howes & associates ltd, is a professional event service provider established in 2000 and a member of the Association of British Professional Conference Organisers (ABPCO). Here Suzy offers helpful insight into what drew her into a role in events, advice for people looking to work in the industry and how event technology has developed over the past couple of decades.

Meet Cambridge has extended its offering to cover event management services in partnership with Suzy’s Cambridge-based company. Suzy Howes & associates ltd caters for a range of events, from intimate round-tables with thought-leaders from around the world to conferences with over 650 delegates. Events often run over several days with concurrent sessions, making Cambridge an ideal location; its smorgasbord of world-renowned venues allows visitors to experience the magic of the whole city.


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