Cambridge Trust Reception

Client: Cambridge Trust

Type of event: Reception

Date: April 2018

Venue: Fitzwilliam Museum

Date: April 2018

Drinks ReceptionDrinks ReceptionDrinks ReceptionEntrance to the Fitzwilliam Museum


The Cambridge Trust awards approximately 500 scholarships annually, and supports between 1,100 and 1,400 students in residence each year from 85 countries across the world.  During its history of over 30 years of offering scholarships at the University of Cambridge, the Trust has awarded a total of nearly 19,000 scholarships to international students.

The Cambridge Trust event, organised by Suzy Howes and associates is a popular event attended by between 450-500 people.  The event has been attended on occasion by His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales, who is the Trust’s Patron.



Suzy says: "Quite simply we need somewhere with that capacity and it provides a wonderfully inspiring setting, the venue was chosen by the client, it’s perfect for this type of event and over the years we have established an excellent working relationship with the Museum staff who have great attention to detail and are highly experienced in dealing with arrangements and additional security if we have a VIP attending.



“From the Trust’s point of view, it provides the opportunity to give its guests something extra and showcase the Museum and the Shop, as well as the special exhibitions. Many of our guests do return at a later date to see more.

“The Fitzwilliam is also highly experienced in providing catering for this large number and although we hold this event each year, we always sit down with the team and look at the small detail. Of course holding a drinks party in a museum has some minor constraints – such as no red wine, no canapes with beetroot and no dips – which could be potentially damaging in terms of the priceless artefacts on display but is part of the privilege of being there.



“The Museum staff also provide their own stewards in each gallery, checking in people and ensuring that their space is protected which saves us having to bring our own team along.

“All in all, it is a superb space for international networking and hugely enjoyed by all those attending.”

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