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The 360 View

I run a Cambridge based business who creates beautiful virtual tours.

Having worked with other venues in the hospitality sector, one of the key issues they’re struggling with is to how to demonstrate the size & scale of their venue online.

Currently, you are limited when it comes to producing virtual tours. Google Street View is probably the best known. This imagery is created using conventional cameras, but we use the Matterport camera which captures HDR photos which makes the panoramic imagery much more life like.

Our camera allows the end user to pull of the venue as if it were a dollhouse and then and dive back into another area.

Also the increased number of scan points enables the view to seamless experience the space, whereas a the typical street view tours has lots of jarring transitions.

This past year we helped numerous venues to create immersive 360 virtual tours. With tours like these; Goldstone Hall + The Hexagon, Addenbrooke's + Theatre by the Lakes, Keswick
This has led to a measured a increase in bookings & lot of time being saved (for the both customers and the events coordinator) because they discuss many organisational issues over the phone.

These virtual tours work great on mobile devices and embed easily into any website, social media platform & even Google Street View.

If this is something you’re interested to know more about, let’s set up a quick call or a short 20 to 30 minutes meeting. I know that I can help.

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Ollie Kilvert
07737 991 759