10 Reasons to Use Meet Cambridge:

  1. Our service is free and there is no obligation to book if you make an enquiry.
  2. It’s our aim to find the perfect setting for your event and you’ll find our service welcoming, customer-orientated, efficient, independent and professional.
  3. Our service is easy to use, saves you time and is available to anyone and everyone.
  4. You’ll benefit from our knowledge – no-one knows the city as well as we do; we know all the best and secret places and are here to help you make it easy to bring your event to Cambridge.
  5. This is the best route to booking a Cambridge College or other great venues in the city; it opens doors and provides choice.
  6. We’ll happily organise a site visit for you and your colleagues so you can see what our venues have to offer first hand.
  7. Organisers planning large events in Cambridge using several facilities can benefit from our free multisite administration, which gives a single point of contact and standard terms and conditions to streamline booking and payment.
  8. We’ve got everything covered: If you need assistance with any aspect of event organising, from promotion, registration, finding the right speaker collating papers to post-event evaluation you can take advantage of our bespoke event management services and our extensive network of event suppliers.
  9. We are commended for our international welcome and host thousands of events each year for audiences from around the globe.
  10. You will receive outstanding support from our venue event teams, from your first site visit to when the last delegate departs.