The Wellcome Genome Campus in Hinxton is well known for its conference centre, but the venue also has a surprising hidden gem, perfect for private dining and executive board meetings, whose secrets have only recently been revealed...

The Pompeiian Room, a unique and breath-taking space in Hinxton Hall, which was built in 1748 and one of the first buildings on the estate, is the former drawing room.  The floor to ceiling decor features striking and strongly coloured nineteenth-century figurative panels inspired by wall paintings excavated from the mid-eighteenth century onwards in Pompeii and Herculaneum.   It is characterised by an eclectic mix of Roman-inspired wall paintings depicting illusionistic landscapes, enthroned Roman gods, mythical creatures and delicate female figures. 

Until recently, the history of the room was largely unknown, but now, historian Giorgio Bowler has traced the story of the room back to its physical origins, revealing when, and more importantly why, the room was commissioned. Read more about the history and the artwork of this incredible, special venue.

Available for private events, The Pompeiian Room seats up to 18 guests.