Møller Institute is committed to sustainability; as a result we are always looking at the improvements we can make to support our contribution to a more sustainable future, whilst also considering our clients to ensure we continue to enhance their meeting or event experience.

Over the past few years we have offered wrapped sweets within our meeting rooms as a small treat to delegates; however this created lots of single use plastic which we are keen to reduce across all departments at Møller Institute as part of our commitment to sustainability. Therefore, as part of a new initiative we have removed all sweets from meetings rooms and created snack stations within the three refreshment areas outside our 21 meeting rooms.

This initiative has not only allowed us to reduce the single use plastic within meeting rooms, it has also provided us with a great opportunity to review our product offer and allowed us to deliver a greater range of sweet and savoury snacks to delegates, as well as reducing the sugar intake and help provide the best meeting snacks.

Snack stations now include items such as:

  • Chilli rice crackers
  • Fizzy bears
  • Peanuts
  • Pear drops
  • Vegetable crisps
  • Mixed fruit
  • Savoury snacks

As part of this review we have also updated our bar selection. With sustainability also in mind, we have chosen many local suppliers such as Cambridge Gin, Cambridge Bitter and Posh Pops®, all supplied from Cambridgeshire based suppliers.