A Cambridge College is investing in the latest food monitoring technology to track food waste and increase sustainability and efficiency.

St John’s College is the first Oxbridge college to use the latest Chef’s Eye food waste reduction software which has been designed to help hospitality sites take control of waste, cut food costs and make purchasing more cost-effective.

The software enables food waste to be weighed so it can be tracked and monitored, highlighting areas where improvements can be achieved and leading to reviews of ordering and cooking processes.

Bill Brogan, Conference & Catering Manager said: “Investing in Chef’s Eye is the latest step in our ongoing initiative to run a more sustainable catering operation. Everyone talks about reducing food waste but this software allows a much more scientific approach to the problem.

“By tracking our food waste, we have been able to implement a number of measures to make our kitchen more efficient and reduce leftover food. For instance we have introduced more batch cooking, careful ordering to eliminate over-purchasing and in some cases, cooking on demand.”

St John’s College has established a leading position in terms of sustainable catering initiatives. Recently it held insect tasting sessions to try out the growing market for edible insects, encouraging customers to ‘feed the future’ with such dishes as Cricket Biscuits, Queen Leafcutter Ants, Butter Fudge with Buffalo Worms and Mopane Worms.

The Chef’s Eye software program has been designed by catering professionals to address the cost of food waste in the food and hospitality industry which currently totals more than £2.5 billion each year.