Meet Cambridge offers a free venue-finding service and unlimited advice but for more specialist guidance we would always recommend that you use a professional conference organiser (PCO).

We're delighted to be working with local PCO and member of the Association of British Professional Conference Organisers, Suzy Howes and associates ltd., to offer a range of packages at set prices alongside a range of flexible options and a full event management service.

All staff at Suzy Howes & associates ltd, are professionals with experience in planning, co ordinating and delivering conferences, symposia and other events; as locals, they are also Cambridge experts who know the city, its venues and the surrounding areas very well.

It might be useful to have a think about the services you might need in advance. We've put together a useful list of services typically offered by professional conference organisers.

To help you with your planning, we also have a range of set priced packages for the most popular services such as registration and accommodation booking.