Meet Cambridge offers a free venue finding service and unlimited advice but for more specialist guidance we would always recommend that you use a professional conference organiser (PCO) and/or a digital conference organiser (DCO) for hybrid and virtual events.

We're delighted to be working with local PCO and member of the Association of British Professional Conference Organisers, Suzy Howes and associates ltd., to offer a range of flexible options and a full event management service. Our PCO services are complemented with a range of digital conference organisation (DCO) services offering solutions for hybrid and virtual conferences, which we offer through Opening Doors & Venues Ltd, also members of the Association of British Professional Conference Organisers.

Both organisations have expert teams with vast experience in planning, coordinating, and delivering conferences, symposia, and other events. They know the city, its venues, and the surrounding areas very well.

It might be useful to have a think about the services you need in advance. We've put together a useful list of services typically offered by professional conference organisers and digital conference organisers to help you with your planning; general services include:

Pre-event registration

  • Collect and collate special dietary or access requests.
  • Issue delegates with an automatic receipt as the bookings are completed.
  • Issue delegates with a confirmation email and directions two weeks before the start of the conference.
  • Use a dedicated email address for receiving and answering queries and issuing information.
  • Provide access to current, detailed, registration reports to you or nominated staff

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Delegate Room Booking

  • Provide a dedicated email address for receiving and answering queries and issuing information.
  • Produce room allocation lists 
  • Two weeks prior to the conference, issue confirmation notices to each delegate confirming their college room bookings, check-in and check-out timings and procedures, WiFi access arrangements and links to a map showing college and venue locations.

Registration packages to include the offer of local hotels for overnight accommodation can be negotiated.

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Full Delegate Management Package

Our PCO and DCO partners also offer a full Delegate Management Service. Experienced staff will attend your event, set up, staff and manage an on-site delegate registration desk on the first day of your event or throughout.

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Additional Event Services

A full suite of flexible event management services is also available including project management, third party supplier and venue sourcing and management, abstract handling, programme compilation, delegate materials, exhibitors, and sponsor benefits delivery: everything required to deliver the whole event.

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