Client: The British Focusing Association

Type of Event: Residential conference

Group Size: 260 delegates

Venue: Robinson College

Date: 20th-24th July 2016

International focusing conference garden walk at Robinson College


The 27th International Focusing Conference is part of a series of world-wide conferences, bringing together practitioners and teachers of the psychological method of Focusing. Hosted by the British Focusing Association, this was the first time the event had been held in the UK and Cambridge was chosen above other cities for its ease of access for international delegates, its beauty as a city and also because Robinson College came highly recommended as a venue.


International focusing conference group at Kings College, Cambridge


Requirements included space for up to 250 delegates: auditoriums, smaller meeting rooms, full-board dining, bedrooms and a venue for a gala dinner, as well as state-of-the-art AV and access to gardens and outside areas which was needed for a display of Morris dancing.

Peter Afford from the Organising Committee said: “We were presented with several options after contacting Meet Cambridge and Robinson College came out top because it had everything we needed. The team there put us in touch with King’s College where we hosted a drinks reception on the Back Lawn and a gala dinner in the Hall.

International focusing conference at Robinson College, CambridgeEvent

“We used every available meeting space at Robinson College, including full use of the gardens. Having bedrooms on-site allowed delegates to become immersed in the event and a real sense of community was enjoyed by all. We ate at Robinson College each day but we hosted our gala dinner at King’s College where delegates enjoyed music and drinks on the Back Lawn before the most amazing dining experience at a gala dinner in the Hall.

“We also used Robinson College’s delegate booking and payment system for a small fee per person, which made our job a lot easier as they handled most of the money.

Client Feedback

“Throughout, we had excellent support and assistance from both sets of teams, everything ran smoothly and the conference was a great success.

“Being located in Cambridge certainly added value to the conference, with delegates visiting the Fitzwilliam Museum, punting and enjoying a guided walking tour. Cambridge also helped attract delegates – 260 in this case, compared to previous registrations of 200 – and we were able to reach out to people who were not able to be present through Zoom Meetings and video link-ups during workshops.

“Meet Cambridge handled our initial enquiry, saving us having to contact each venue separately and they also helped us source images for the conference website, which was a great help.

“From the delegates we had excellent feedback with quotes such as: “the past four days have been really something quite incredible”, “what an utterly fantastic conference - I am deeply grateful and had a glorious time” and “what a wonderfully enriching, heartfelt, delightful experience this conference was”.

Images courtesy of the 27th International Focusing Conference.