Aside from the fact that there’s nothing quite like the feeling you’ll get having staged a successful event, being an ambassador brings many other rewards.

Hosting an event will:
• Elevate your personal profile amongst your professional peers
• Help you gain recognition for your research, your department or your company from an international audience
• Highlight you and your organisation as leaders in your field
• Create opportunities for collaboration between your organisation and other locally-based organisations, be they academic or corporate
• Boost the local economy
• Potentially attract talented post graduates or staff
• Potentially attract new funding streams
• Leave a legacy be it of an economic, social or media impact.

An ambassador programme, in the conference and events industry context, is a package of help, support and resources to assist you to successfully bid for, and host, an event in, your city. Most ambassador programmes are focused on (but not necessarily limited to) international association events.

If you’re on the council of an association, or if you have ever considered hosting an event, I strongly recommend that you make contact with the team that runs your local ambassador programme.

What can you expect?
• Practical, free help and support to help you to demonstrate the advantages of your city as a destination to your organisation, including presentation resources such as images and film footage.
• Assistance with submitting a formal proposal to the organising committee, with details of everything including venues, accommodation, travel, ideas for social programmes, as well as letters of support from ministers and local agencies.
• Fully escorted site visits and hospitality for your key decision makers, so you have the benefit of event expertise for any questions that may arise
• Some ambassador programmes will have integrated event management services to deal with everything from securing sponsorship and event logistics to managing the submission of papers and publication; others will be able to make recommendations and help with sourcing the right professional conference organiser (PCO)
• The opportunity to network with other ambassadors at exclusive events throughout the year and benefit from their experiences.

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‘Things don’t happen. Things are made to happen.’ JF Kennedy

Kelly Vickers, Managing Director, Conference Cambridge

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